Custom Web Design & Development

A custom-tailored website reflecting your company values and offerings is an essential tool of every business looking to grow into new markets and connect with new customers.

As a freelance Web Developer, I love working with clients to shape their online brand image.  From start-ups to well-established brands, I have been working with countless clients over the last 15 years to build lasting web solutions that take your company to the next level.

Supported Technologies:


My Saxophone Portfolio

As a musician, I wanted a simple online site for people to find me at, check out some of my credits and listen to a few songs.  I created this basic wordpress site in a matter of hours, and it has some pretty nifty things going on, so it's worth mentioning here.

Hawaii Paipo Designs

Hawaii Paipo Designs contacted me a while back about building a new website for their world-class hand-made fiberglass bodyboards.  I developed this boutique-style ecommerce experience that pulled in much of the company's surf history and heritage.  This site is a Wordpress / 3d Cart ecommerce combo, with Wordpress handling everything except the store area.

WaveTech Fins Website

WaveTech Fins needed a website to showcase their revolutionary pivoting surfboard fin.  I made a custom BigCommerce theme to tie in the company's colors and logos into the online ecommerce backend.

Blaise Lanzetta's Website

Blaise is a good friend of mine from my musical college days.  A creative and charismatic individual, Blaise needed an online persona to promote amongst New York City's music industry.  Built as a custom HTML + Javascript single-page website with a PHP contact form mailer.

Snell Crane Service Website

Snell Crane Service is a local Washington crane rental company with a significant presence in and around the Pacific Northwest.  Snell Crane Service contracted me to develop a sleek, modern website showcasing all of the companies many capabilities and services.  Built as a custom Wordpress theme, with some special configuration to add and sort Cranes natively within Wordpress.

Dynamite Forum Website

I was contracted to update the 20 year old Dynamite Forum website running on Lotus Notes forum to a modern database and website built on Wordpress and MySQL.  This turned out to be quite an undertaking, and required the development of custom import scripts to import the massive hierarchy of some 45,000 posts.  The website itself is a private subscription-only website, so access to the inner workings is not allowed.

DOC Hoist Website

DOC Manufacturing Inc. was in need of a modern website design to showcase their high-rise construction equipment. The website was built as a custom mobile-first Wordpress theme, featuring many cutting-edge design features and capabilities.  In addition to the website, there was quite a bit of digitally enhancing the large equipment photos to really pop out on the website.

RVC Medical Website

I've been working with a local medical spa over the last few years improve their online marketing presence by crafting a custom website that details in-depth medical information regarding their procedures and treatments.  Optimized for mobile devices, this website is being advertised on Facebook and Google AdWords and is a major driver for new customers and serves as a source of valuable information around the globe. This website was developed as a custom Wordpress theme, integrating many nice jQuery features in the navigation menus, as well as stylish font and captivating copy.

Bump Kitchen

I used to play in a killer funk band around the Pacific Northwest called Bump Kitchen.  They needed a new website, so I delivered them this powerful custom Laravel PHP website with an organizational backend to schedule meetings with the band members and share files, downloads, etc. The site interfaces with a number of 3rd party service providers like SoundCloud and Square store.
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