The Power of Pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is a thousand pictures…

Long ago when I started building websites I realized that very few of my clients had professional photos showcasing their products or services.  I began offering a complete package web design, producing the photos necessary to evoke emotion through imagery to provide a more memorable browsing experience.  This allowed me to bridge the gap between web development and content creation, providing a more seamless design phase, less scheduling conflicts, all while keeping costs down.

As important as imagery is in modern web design and ecommerce, high-quality video is becoming expected in many markets on the internet.  I’ve created a few short promotional videos for clients that I’ve embedded below.

Save Lake Kachess Social Video

Save Lake Kachess, a non-profit organization spreading awareness about a pumping facility on a natural Washington lake, wanted a short video highlighting the devastation this project is projected to cause.  I flew my drone over the lake capturing it's natural beauty and made this video that went viral on Facebook.

WaveTech Fins Test Pilots

Here's a video I made for WaveTech Fins featuring interviews from various surfers after they've ridden the fin.  Filmed on-site in Honolulu, HI.

WaveTech Fins Public Unveiling

WaveTech Fins needed a video highlighting the revolutionary features of their surfboard fin, and how to set it up for the first time.  I used my drone to capture the aerial footage, and the end result really helps to demonstrate the features of this fin that cannot be captured by photography.
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