You have the perfect product or service, now it’s just time to sell it.  Internet Marketing has become an essential cornerstone to any successful marketing campaign.  But with all of the different social media channels and search engines, where do you begin?

With my Online Marketing and SEO services, I can put your website in front of the people who are looking for or have a potential interest in your services or products.  Through research and testing, I can determine the most lucrative marketing opportunities, and can fine-tune any strategy to weed out what is working versus what isn’t.

Understanding whether your marketing dollars are producing a positive ROI can be difficult to a novice.  Many times beginners are unaware of whether or not a particular marketing channel is productive or not.  I’ve been marketing brands online for over 10 years, and although the technologies and strategies have changed, the underlying principles are more or less the same: target the most promising customers as efficiently as possible with a message that resonates.

Case Studies

DOC Manufacturing is a start-up company located in Olympia, WA. Originally, DOC was only advertising in print publications, namely construction publications and commerce journals. While this was gaining some traction around the local areas, they were looking for efficient ways of putting their product and web site in front of high-dollar decision-makers in their industry.

When DOC approached me about various marketing channels, I first had to understand their niche-market. DOC provides innovative material handling and logistics services for high-rise construction contractors; a very selective market. After extensive consultation, I was able to research and outline a plan to target certain key phrases that pertain specifically to high-rise construction contractors searching on the major search engines. Using these phrases, I targeted high-rise contractors in the major cities throughout the United States, and even more so the cities with extensive high-rise construction taking place.

Within a matter of months, DOC was closing lucrative deals in cities around the United States, increasing sales by over 300%. Once their product was being used throughout the country, a word-of-mouth snowball effect began to take place. Now, DOC is becoming a household name among high-rise construction contractors, known for it’s ease of use, and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on labor expenses tied to moving materials through the job site elevator.

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