Creative Graphic Design Services to Make An Impact.

Design plays a critical role in attracting new business and customers.  Maintaining a unified style and theme to your messaging is important brand strategy.  Utilizing many of the most powerful tools in the industry, I can provide your company with the right media and messaging to get your point across, no matter who your audience is.

I will handle everything, from designing the perfect flyer to getting it printed and delivered to your doorstep.  I’ve teamed up with a wonderful local print shop and can offer competitive rates on any product.

Whether you have artistic eye or not, I can help you visualize and develop your company’s creative messaging to match your target audience.

  • Flyer Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Trade Show Display Design
  • Banner Design
  • Billboard Design
  • Stationary Design
  • Ad design and copy

Movie Posters

A while back I made up a few mock movie posters to use as props in an independent film. I drew inspiration from some 60's cult classic movie posters, and the final result made quite the impact on the set.
Death Burglar
Blood On The Highway

WaveTech Fins Logo

WaveTech Fins needed a classic-looking logo to go with their revolutionary longboard fin.  I came up with this logo by altering an existing font base.
WaveTech Fins Logo

Hawaii Paipo Designs Logo

Hawaii Paipo Designs needed a new logo for their website.  I made this simple logo playing off of the shape of their flagship bodyboard, while balancing the classic Hawaiian vibe with modern flare.
Hawaii Paipo Designs Logo

DOC Material Hoisting Logo

DOC needed to polish and sharpen up their logo for use on web pages, and I came up with this 3D alteration using Adobe Illustrator.
DOC Material Hoisting Logo

WaveTech Fins Brochure

WaveTech Fins needed a brochure to hand out at SurfEXPO, the largest surfing expo in the world.  I designed this flyer from photos and video from my drone, and included a custom illustration highlighting the specs and dimensions of the fin.
Brochure Cover (Back - Front)
Brochure Inside Spread

DOC Material Hoist Trade Show Display

DOC Manufacturing needed a trade show display to draw attention to their new product at World of Concrete in Las Vegas.  I designed this 12ft tall billboard with photos and product features that gained this innovative product quite a bit of attention at one of the largest tradeshows in the construction industry.

DOC Material Hoist Brochure

DOC Manufacturing needed a brochure to hand out to prospective customers at trade shows and in the field.  The cover is a computer model that I composed using Sketchup.  I also took many of the product photos for the individual covers, and performed quite a bit of image editing on them to clean them up and add the website address to the deck beams.  I also photoshopped a crane out of the page 2 background to make the product stand out from the rest of the image.
Brochure Cover
Brochure Back Cover
Brochure Page 1
Brochure Page 2
DOC 6.5 Cover
DOC Deck Specs
DOC Hoist Cover
DOC Hoist Specs
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