3D modelling technology is used to create realistic looking product photos without the added complexities of organizing a photo shoot.

Whether you have a model of your product already, or need a computer representation of your product, I can create the perfect photo from scratch that showcases your product in ways previously thought were impossible.

And just a reminder, every image on this page is computer-generated.

Save Lake Kachess

I volunteered my time to help spread awareness about a proposed floating pumping facility that would drain millions of gallons of water from a natural lake in Washington. This is a photo realistic image I made using Adobe Dimension, showing what the lake would look like with the floating pumping plant after completion. I modeled the plant in SketchUp, and when combined with this photo taken from my drone, really helps to visualize the size and scale of the project.
Photo-realistic rendition of proposed pumping facility.
Closeup of proposed pumping facility.

WaveTech Fins

WaveTech Fins needed high-quality product shots of their surfboard fin.  Photographing the fin was inherently difficult, due to having no flat surfaces, and a very difficult shape for reflections, etc.  I converted a SolidWorks CAD cut file into a format that would work with modelling software.  Then I rigged the model to behave much like the actual product, by allowing the fin to pivot at it's hinge point, move the pegs into various holes, and rotate the fin until it hits one of the two stoppers.
A carbon-fiber rendition of WaveTech's Fin.
A wooden version of the same Fin model.
A nice darkroom shot of the fin on a surfboard.

DOC Material Hoist

DOC Manufacturing approached me looking for new ways to easily take professional quality photographs of their large hoisting equipment without slowing down the high-rise construction job sites where this equipment lives.  Getting high-quality images and footage of this equipment was always difficult, due to their location, scheduling, and uncontrollable variables like weather. I created a 3D model from the equipment fabrication plans, and "rigged" the model to move and operate exactly like the real equipment to allow for "poses" highlighting the equipment's various features.
Loading a deck into building.
Top view of the loading process.
Clear shot of hoist moving materials.
Clear shot of hoist installing a lower deck.
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